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Tips For Preparing For Your Driver’s Test

As you approach fifteen or sixteen years old, the excitement of your upcoming opportunity to drive can be overwhelming. It's important to remember, though that you'll need more than just practical driving skills to secure your license. When it comes to the written testing portion, many teenagers struggle with testing paralysis or underestimate the exam. Here are some tips to help you with preparing for your driver's license examinations. Engage With Your Learning Materials Read More 

What To Do If You Fall Behind While Taking An Online Class

It only takes one illness or emergency to cause you to fall behind in any type of class, but it's particularly easy to get overwhelmed by an online course since you may not even think about your responsibilities until you start your computer after a long day of work. If you notice you're lagging behind and starting to miss deadlines, take action immediately to get back on track so your efforts aren't wasted. Read More 

Doing It All Without Losing Your Mind: Tips For Adults Going Back To College

It's pretty common to see a wide range of ages in a college classroom these days, especially when more older adults are returning to the educational path after years spent working and raising families. While going back to school is a great way to further your career or start a new one, it can also put you in the center of a juggling act, trying to balance a job, taking care of your family, and keeping up with your coursework. Read More 

Tips For A Successful Catholic School Interview

If you intend on going to a private high school or Catholic school, then it is likely that you will be asked to go through an interview. This is especially true if the school is prestigious or if there are limited spots for applicants. Essays, grades, and extracurriculars can certainly prove that you are worthy of an available opening. Interviews are generally used as the deciding factor to show that you have the right attitude for the learning facility. Read More 

The Benefits Of A Multi-Age Montessori Based Preschool

One way that a Montessori based education is different from a traditional preschool is that children are placed in classrooms with children of varying ages. Children remain with the same teacher or teachers as long as they are in the preschool program. There are many benefits to this way of arranging the classroom. Here are a few of them.  Consistency in Teaching When you enroll your child in a Montessori based preschool, that child will have the same teacher every year of the program. Read More 

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A Teacher in Training

Even though I'm not a teacher, teaching is where I feel most at home. I actually have quite a bit of experience teaching non-professionally. For example, I teach Bible class to the 14-year-olds in my church, and I have volunteered teaching English abroad in 2 different countries. Granted, it's nothing that anyone would pay me for. I've never really had any formal training. I just love helping others learn something new about the world! But I'm thinking about going back to school to get a teaching certificate. This blog is to help me decide if that's really what I want to do. So while it's mostly for my own personal use, I hope you can learn something new too.